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Designed by Gianluigi Landoni, 2011


Skinny Ottavia was born so thin. Great posture, she looks different from anyone else. Her feet are steady, slightly open in a dance position. The body is powerful, but you’ll be surprised by her ability to move. Her look is proud, no frills decorate her nice sharp face. Ottavia doesn’t feel the flowing of time, it’s durable as the essence of the wood she’s made of: walnut. The natural quality of its fiber is perceptible.


Type: Floor lamp
Dimensions: 65 x 45 x min150/max210cm
Materials: Iron, Wood, Brass, Aluminum
Bulbs: 1xLED max 8W E27-220V / E26-110V

Usually shipped in 1-2 weeks.
Lightbulbs are included for 220V standard.
Plug type is chosen based on destination country.